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Richard Garriott live on stage, one night only!

Shawn Schuster

As a game developer, there's no denying that Richard Garriott is a legend. I think by now most people reading this realize his importance in creating Ultima Online, and his "come-back" attempt with Tabula Rasa. Since then, Garriott has expressed a desire to leave gaming to pursue his rediscovered love for space travel, and then gaming again, and now space travel again.

If you find yourself compelled with the space flight of Richard Garriott, and you feel like paying $65 a ticket for the opportunity, he'll be telling his story live on the ZACH Theatre's Whisenhunt stage in Austin, TX for one night only. On Saturday, January 24th, at both 2:30pm and 8pm, you can listen to Richard Garriott talk about his experiences in space and his future plans with the space program. There will even be a Q&A session afterwards. I can think of a few questions I'd like to ask him. How about you?

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