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Rumor: 'Major' online Wii game ditching Friend Codes


Slipped in among the various topics covered in IGN's latest Nintendo Voice Chat podcast was an interesting little rumor: a "major online title" coming to Wii in 2009 won't require Friend Codes. How? Evidently the developer simply realized it could pull it off -- and, like most gamers, doesn't care for the restrictive system.

Speculation as to what game IGN was referencing (which, according to the site, has already been announced) quickly brought up The Conduit, the upcoming FPS from High Voltage Software and Sega. Joystiq has confirmed via a source familiar with the title's development that it does, in fact, utilize the Friend Code system, and isn't the game in question. So, what is it then? Let the speculation commence.

[Via N-Europe]

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