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Supreme Court queues network DVR decision for later


Just like you haven't worked through all four hours of this season of 24 yet, the U.S. Supreme Court is pushing back a decision on Cablevision's network DVR a.k.a. Remote Storage Digital Video Recorder to ask the Justice Department for their thoughts. The cable companies (and others) looking to roll out this service scored a win in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals a few months ago, but this push back is being considered by at least one analyst as a slight victory for their opponents. Whether you side with the cable companies (and all those who found that their cable was grainy on Tuesday night during CES, resulting in unwatchable saved eps of Scrubs & The Mentalist and many, many tears) or the Hollywood studios claiming this would violate their copyright, grab a Snickers. It could take up to several months for the Justice Department to file a brief, at which time the Supreme Court will decide whether or not to hear the case at all.

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