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The Daily Grind: More game for your buck

One of the news pieces we found out about last week was the pricing finally announced for Cartoon Network's upcoming MMO, FusionFall. According to our little mice within their network, it will start out at $5.95 for one account, and then jump to a Family Subscription rate of $9.95 for up to four accounts. Sony Online Entertainment has been offering a Station Access Pass on all their games for a long time now. One of their MMOs is $14.99, but to subscribe to more, you can get a pass that costs $30 per month, giving you access to all the SOE games you own - up to 8 different games in all. Lord of the Rings Online has run subscriptions at $9.99 per month - or $299 lifetime - for a truly gorgeous world.

It seems that MMO companies are slowly starting to catch on that a cheaper price point will draw more interest; especially in the current economy when people are re-evaluating their MMO subscriptions. Our question today is this: what price point would get you to consider either trying a new MMO, or resubscribing to one you liked but just can't justify any longer? Perhaps $10 per month like LotRO's special pricing? $5? Would allowing you to group subscriptions up on the cheap like FusionFall's model get you to bring back another account?

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