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Trophies: 3 on 3 NHL Arcade


0 Platinum
1 Gold
3 Silver
9 Bronze
Difficulty: Very Easy
Online Trophies? Yes
Time to Completion: 1 hour
DLC Trophies? No
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Gold Trophy
Jack of all trades.
Score with 5 different powerups in one game.

Silver Trophies
Brick Wall
Win a game without being scored on.
Race to Victory
Win a game to at least 15 goals.
Score a goal using a trick move.

Bronze Trophies
Let's Play
Play and complete an online game.
Team Player
Play and complete a quick ranked game with 3 users on your side.
Score Big
Score at least 10 goals in one game.
Big Player
Score two goals with a Big Player powerup in one game.
Super Speed
Score two goals with a Super Speed powerup in one game.
Super Shot
Score two goals with the Super Shot powerup in one game.
Ice Man
Score two goals while an opponent is frozen in one game.
Double Up
Score two goals using the Double Score powerup in one game.
Over and Out.
Hit a player over the boards.

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