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Wii Music: Play me, it's part of the curriculum


Nintendo has suggested that Wii Music could somehow be used to teach kids to play real music. So, after not getting off to such a great start at retail -- and struggling there ever since -- the "game" is being handed over to music teachers with the hope that they'll encourage their students to somehow learn with it.

In a press release issued this morning, Nintendo says that Wiis and copies of Wii Music are being deployed to schools nationwide. Some teachers are already jumping on the bandwagon, such as Helen A. Krofchick, a music instructor in Lugoff, SC, who is quoted in the release. "I love how many music standards can be covered in such a short time," she said. "Students also have to use language skills, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination." Note the use of the word "music." It keeps the quote from pertaining to Wii Sports ... or video games in general.

Kids Fun Fact: If you pick up a real trumpet and act like you're playing it, music will come out.

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