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Wii Music shows students how to play the dog


If there's one thing that's stuck with us concerning Wii Music, it's the ability to play the dog. Well, okay, there's also Stan Lee on the beat box. Now, thanks to a collaboration between Nintendo and MENC (The National Association for Music Education), such fun can be had in the classroom.

Nintendo and MENC are working together with teachers in 51 cities across the United States to implement Wii Music into their lesson plans. "By partnering with educators and bringing Wii Music into their classrooms, we hope to give students a memorable, hands-on experience that helps them discover their own creative voice," said Cammie Dunaway. Executive director of MENC, John J. Mahlmann, agrees, stating "At any grade level, it's essential to provide students with the tools and encouragement they need to be creative."

It's pretty cool, me must admit. Video games never were welcome in the classroom when we were younger, so we're glad that educators are seeing their potential. What's next? Physics professors mapping out the force of Mario stomping on a goomba's head?


Looking for more on Wii Music? You can catch an E3 trailer here, read about our time with the game here, and learn how to play the Famicom, banjo, steel drum, handbell, trumpet, timpani, acoustic bass, shamisen, harmonica, cello, harpsichord, cheerleader, saxophone, sitar, cowbell, electric bass, drums, dog, accordion, taiko, clarinet, conga, electric guitar, harp, flute, marching drum, violin, piano, guitar, and marimba.

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