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WoW Crossword: January 13th, 2009

Alex Ziebart

Some of you may remember that some months ago, we tried out these WoW Crosswords on Sunday mornings to go along with Sunday Morning Funnies, to give your lazy-day a slight newspaper feel. Open up the blog, read your comics, fill out the crossword, and then read the stories. Really, though, what WoW player does that on a Sunday? If you're at home, you're probably killing boars or whatever and not trying to fill in some blanks. Tuesday is more likely the WoW player's Sunday, isn't it? Kind of a slow day, you catch up on the news, you don't have to worry about tending to the crops, so you find other entertainment, right? So let's try this crossword thing again, but with feeling.

Here's how this works: Below the cut will be your hints/questions. There is only one correct answer for each blank. Some answers are two words, and if that's the case, leave the space out of your answer. Pretend the space between them does not exist. Most of those ones are obvious, and usually marked.

All of the questions are related to WoW, WoW Insider, or the greater community around the MMO, such as machinima, fan content, or simply related nerdity. For example, one day you may run into a question in which the answer is Kevin Werbach. He plays WoW and has been mentioned on our site, so he is fair game. You will not, however, get a question like "What is Batman's true identity" because as far as I know, that has nothing to do with what we do, unless Bruce Wayne is the next Lich King. If that becomes the case, we're just screwed then, aren't we?

Leave us some feedback on this once you've finished it, or even if you got halfway through and became bored. Let us know how we can improve it, what you liked and what you didn't like. Do you like seeing it on Tuesday mornings, or would you rather we did it on weekends? If you liked it, would you like to see more 'interactive' content like this on Tuesdays, or any other day?

You can see a bigger (easier to read) version of this (and every) week's puzzle in the WoW Crossword gallery. I'll be posting the answers next week Tuesday when the next WoW Crossword is posted. If you get stuck on something, ask in the comments! I wish we had a chat channel to offer, but unfortunately, we don't. However, if you guys really want to use one to help eachother out, there's always the WoW Insider Show's Ustream page. Even when we're not broadcasting, the chat channel works!

I'll go ahead and list my own criticisms of today's crossword, just to get the ball rolling. I made it, but it could certainly be better!
  • I could be more consistent with the formatting in the hints. I put the phrase 'two words' on there two different ways, and I completely forgot it for 14 Down, which is, indeed, two words. Sorry! I didn't notice that stuff until the crossword had been put together, so I take a vow to suck less at it from this point forward!
  • I should have made a more printer friendly version. I'm sure a lot of you would prefer to have this thing in front of you to pen in your answers, rather than doing it from memory on your monitor. All that black is going to suck up more ink than it really needs to, I should've left the filler white.
  • Too easy, maybe? Of course, I made the thing, so naturally I know the answers. Still, seems like it's all stuff that's way too easy to look up. Maybe I should've gone a little more obscure on some of them. Do you guys agree?
  • It was my first time using Crossword Weaver, so there are probably more bells and whistles in there I can use to make this thing cleaner and more interesting.
  • Holy crap that was a lot of words for a crossword post. Shut up already, Alex!

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PS: I'm aware that the formatting of this crossword is not a 'true' crossword. It's not the kind you would see in print, like a newspaper. It's asymmetrical, and it's kind of bare in comparison to a print crossword. Cry more! If you think I can come up with a symmetrical crossword about WoW every week, you're nuts.

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