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Found on Knothole Island: Halo's assault rifle


Or rather, "Hal's Rifle." As many players of Fable 2's $10 Knothole Island add-on have discovered, the meteorologically confused island offers an anachronistic surprise within the "Box of Secrets" store. If you've got a pure experience extract potion to trade, this rapid-fire rifle (with an ammo capacity of 24!) is sure to complete that spartan ensemble in your hero's closet. Switch out those pesky Hobbes for Grunts and nobody will know you're playing a non-shooty game. Masculinity preserved!

Another futuristic, albeit considerably less charming, addition to Albion comes in the former of an alleged animation glitch. According to a PushingPlay blogger, the DLC's addition caused his character to cease walking and simply slide everywhere -- appropriate for the Knothole's (sometimes) frigid climate, but something we've asked Lionhead to look into. Check back later for Joystiq's verdict on the new quests.

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