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Fujitsu takes NTT DoCoMo's F905i to Taiwan

Chris Ziegler

When we think "NTT DoCoMo," the images of Tokyo, Akihabara, wide VGA, and one-seg are all indelibly burned into our minds. Fact is, though, NTT DoCoMo has ventures all around the world -- heck, they helped AT&T build out its Hawaiian network -- and they've been working with Taiwan's Far EastTone for a while now to bring i-mode-branded gear to the island. Latest in that fruitful partnership will be Fujitsu's F905i, a swiveling flip with a 3.2 megapixel cam, wide VGA display, and the capability to slow down conversations in real time by 30 percent, which is just about the freakiest thing we've ever heard. Granted, it's not the 25-phone barrage we're used to seeing out of Japan, but it's a start.

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