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Game Informer reveals Raven Software's 'Singularity'

Jason Dobson

Judging by the big hand on the office clock it's time for new details concerning Activision Blizzard's upcoming 'targeted' new IP, Singularity. Right on cue, the game is the cover darling for Game Informer's February issue, with the 'zine's online site teasing new details on the sci-fi shooter with a time-sensitive twist.

First shown in brief during Activision's not-quite E3 press event last July, Singularity is being developed by Wolverine dev Raven Software. According to GI, the game will let players jump through history and use time as a weapon, rapidly aging opponents into bones and dust. We wonder if it works the other way around, letting us turn the opposition into sniveling babies or angst-fueled tweens. The issue, complete with the snazzy cover above, should be fluxing its way onto magazine racks soon.

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