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Guildwatch: Get on your main and come duel me you !%#*

Mike Schramm

Now we're getting some where -- this is the first real week where we've seen lots of achievements reported in terms of what guilds are doing, rather than actual boss progression. I think this is the future of raiding in the endgame -- you'll walk through content pretty easily, but the achievements will be what really taxes your guild. We've seen our first Sartharion with three drakes achievement in Guildwatch this week (above), and our first "The Undying" mention, too. Here's to many more.

Lots more drama, downed and recruiting news after the break. Enjoy.


  • Death Jesters on Stormrage recently got interviewed over on World of Raids. And it has lead to no end of drama over on the forums -- while the guild didn't claim they were number one, not a lot of people apparently think they're even close to it, and Critical Mass is the guild that most people on the server think is obviously number one. Not to mention that there's a little AQ drama in there as well -- Death Jesters claims that they donated 16,000 Silithid Carapaces to the events, and they say that they did it out of the kindness of their hearts ("probably why we were selected for this interview over other guilds")... except that most people know the reason they "donated" all of those is because they realized early on that they weren't going to be the guild opening the gates. Critical Mass took that distinction.
  • Tyrandess (formerly Elgenaraa) on Stormreaver apparently shut down Premonition, and took the guild bank with him. This was after guild members had donated BoE blues and epics and thousands of gold to both him (for his epic flying skill) and the bank. Rumor is that he's ignored all of the guildies and officers, who are shocked that he would take the money and run (or at least namechange).
  • Guy skips out on a few raids, guy shows up on forums to defend himself (and you think it'd be over then), but then things keep going for quite a while. And it eventually turns into a two-sided debate. Do people who have "lives" not belong in consistent raid groups?
  • In these days of itemized gear and combined specs, is "Hunter weapon!" even a valid claim any more? Because even if it's not, Disturbed on Zul'jin is doing their best to bring it back.
  • Bigunit of Momentum on Laughing Skull put a PuG together, and then ninja'd some loot for himself. What's most interesting here is not just the ninja (because come on, how often does that happen), but Momentum actually shows up in the thread and tells the PuGgers that they should have expected to get screwed. Seems like a good enough reason never to join a Momentum group again to us.
  • Project Mayhem on Anvilmar hit some rough going -- they had the guild's leader hacked, which resulted in /gkicking of most of the guild and stealing of most of the guild bank. Hopefully they'll be able to rebuild after that.
  • Wow, this one's a classic. This thread starts out boring -- it's just a guy, Thiller from bête noire of Kalecgos, whining about some breakup he's just gone through, complete with an Alfred Lord Tennyson quote. But things get interesting on page 3 when drama queen Nervosa appears talking about her own WoW relationship, and her boyfriend Tmi shows up later on, too. How nutty.
  • From the Department of Irony: No More Drama of Shadowsong has disbanded, and we hear that, guess what, it's because of guild drama.
  • Another thread about ninjas in Legacy of Medivh. Apparently they've been in this space before -- so why are you guys still grouping with them? Maybe it's so we can keep posting these hilarious threads -- we don't really think he means "get on your main and come duel me you !%#*ing #!*@ *%#%! " as the joke it really is.
  • Brothers of Doom on EU Azjol-Nerub killed Maexxna (3rd try) and Noth The Plagebringer (2nd try) in Naxx. Nice job.
  • Nameless on Cairne-H has just this week officially put Naxxramas 10-man on farming status, and are putting together their second 10-man Naxx group. VoA and OS have both fallen to them as well, and they're doing 25-man Naxx with Skethyl Berry Brewing Co. 10-man Eye of Eternity is on notice for them next time.
  • Pantheon, Alliance guild of the Steamwheedle Cartel realm, has downed 10-man Sartharion with all 3 drakes up. That means they've conquered the game, and they say "frankly, the raid content has been boring and laughably easy. We now await and pray for any amount of challenge Ulduar has to offer us. God, I miss M'uru."
  • Order of Shadows, a casual Horde guild on the Altar of Storms realm, has completed their first full clear of Naxx 10-man this past weekend. This was the guild's first zero PuG run. So grats!
  • Two officers of Seraphim (Wexler and Parrot) on Medivh got hitched earlier this month, and on the night the guild went back in to do some 25-man Naxx raiding, they got the first loot: a Hyacinth Macaw. They went on to kill the Spider and Plague Wings, so the other two are on notice.
  • Knights of Cruxis on EU Eitrigg-H started Naxx 10-man last month, and have gotten to 13/15 since then. Sapph is giving them trouble, but they're heading back soon, and are going for Sarth with one drake soon as well. Good luck!
  • By The Light cleared heroic Naxx in just a week. Grats!
  • Phalanx of EU Thunderhorn has cleared out 10-man Naxx, Obsidian Sanctum (no drakes yet), and has Malygos on notice for next time. They're also recruiting tanks, healers, and "exceptional DPS."
  • Mark of Magic {server?) downed Naxxramas 10-man completely. Gluth, Grobby, the Four Horsemen, and Sapphiron all got one-shotted too. Very cool.
  • Stars of Glory on Kirin Tor just hit their Pi day: they've been around for three years and 14 days. Grats! They're working through Wrath raiding, and of course drinking in SW and partying together as a guild. Sounds like fun.
  • The Bit Players on Lothar-A had an in-guild PuG run Heroic Naxx last week and cleared out 11/15. They're starting up on 25-man raiding this week. Good luck!
  • Adapt and Overcome on Feathermoon got "The Undying" title in one of their 10-man Naxx runs. They're also recruiting for a Feral Druid.
  • Bloodshed has finished Naxx 10 man by taking down the rest of Contruct Quarter, Military Quarter, Sapphiron, and then one-shotting KT last week. They are now working on 10 man Malygos and starting Heroic Naxx this week. They're also recruiting some DPS (casters preferred) and some healers to fill out the rest of the team.
  • Sword of Azeroth (server?) has been farming Obsidian Sanctum and VoA for about a week. They just cleared Naxx and went to Eye of Eternity as well. They're also seeking DPS to move up to the Heroic raids.
  • The Khadgar Liberation Front (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on EU Khadgar has finally dipped its feet into the Wrath endgame. Arachnid Quarter and Plague Quarter in 10-man Naxx have been cleared as well as 10-man Obsidian Sanctum on their very first week. The other two quarters are on deck for next time.
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles is back raiding -- when PvE to PvP transfers opened up, 2/3 of the guild split, but they rebuilt. And last week they took down Spider Wing and Construct Wing in 10-man Naxx. Abomination Wing is on notice for next time.
  • Vengeance of EU Alonsus are pleased to announce the clearing of the Military, Plague, and Arachnid Wings of 25-man Naxx. They are now hoping to clear the Constructs this week with the intention of taking a crack at Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad later in the month.
  • Abstraction on Burning Legion-H finished off all 10-man content by downing Malygos a little while ago. They're farming Naxx (working on the Undying achievement), and aiming for the drakes in OS. They're also seeking experienced players to add to the 25-man team -- they're casual in terms of having fun, but hardcore in terms of how they progress.
  • Rome on Zul'jin-A is recruiting for raiding in Wrath -- right now they're taking level 60+, specifically tanks and healers but they'll take anyone. They're training Naxx with another guild currently but eventually planning to head off into their own raids to get things done.
  • The Pandaren Empire on Arygos is now recruiting all classes and levels. They have four bank tabs, a tabard and a vent server. They don't have may 80s, but they're doing Heroics now and are getting ready to raid soon. If you're a mature adult (18+) who wants to raid, look them up.
  • Grown Ups on Korgath is a small, adult guild focused on 10-man raid content. They're currently seeking Paladins, Shaman, Resto Druids, and Warlocks, but will accept other classes, especially ranged DPS. They're organized but semi-casual -- they expect a mature attitude and good attendance as they do a serious push towards progression.
  • Genesis of EU Blade's Edge has been through some drama, but we're told that's over: they're now a leveling and raiding guild looking for a few more to join the gang. In order to combat the drama, they've got clear rules, and an emphasis on fairness, so if you've been burned before and want a way out of the usual squabbles, give them a look.
  • Brute Force (server?) is a dedicated guild looking for a tanking Feral Druid to join the team and help them stay up near the top of the server. Please be smart about your gear and playstyle, and ready to commit to a 3 to 6 week trial period as they check out you and your characters.
  • Origin on Kilrogg-A is recruiting for 25-mans. They raid three days a week -- hit up their website to apply.
  • Onyxia Scarlet Raiders on Shadowsong is looking for more, specifically healers and DPS.
  • Back From Exile, Horde side on Nathrezim, is looking for healers but all classes welcome. They have 10 man Sartharion down and are working on all guildies completing 10 Man Naxx. They're very late night (starting around 3am server), and need a few more for 25-mans.
  • The Einherjar on Nordrassil is a mature, small, fun, casual, mostly adult guild formed for the purpose of camaraderie through communication and questing together. They're seeking 70+ tanks and healers of any class but are looking to grow with any race, class, and level. Right now they're focusing on leveling up, and raiding will come later.
  • Deathwatch on Lothar-A likes to have fun, and is looking to fill out a 10-man raiding group. They need DPS and a dedicated tank, so if you're looking to help lead the charge into the endgame, seek them out.
One note this week: for the love of Onyxia, people, please include both your guild name and your server in your tips. In fact, if you really want to make it easy on the GW editor (me), you should format your tips exactly as you see above. We're getting tons of tips lately, which is great, but it takes time to get them all up, especially if we have to sift through whatever you send to find the relevant information. I'm glad you sent the tip, really, and we enjoy reading whatever shows up, but the more you can format whatever you send exactly like what you see above, the easier time we'll have of it, and the more tips we'll get done per week. Thanks!

We'll be back next Tuesday as always. Until then, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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