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Guitar Hero: Metallica dated in Europe (and possibly North America)


Once again, GameStop has fuelled release rumors by posting a North American launch date for Guitar Hero: Metallica: March 29 is the date you'll want to circle (lightly, in pencil) on your Lars 2009 calendars.

Though that's obviously not a confirmed date, it is a plausible one. "March 29" is a little too random to be a placeholder date, and is also a Sunday, a popular release day for big-name titles. Even if the franchise has reached the peak of its popularity, we still feel pretty confident about calling Guitar Hero: Metallica "big-name."

Meanwhile, Activision had no qualms about revealing release details for Europe, informing Eurogamer that the game would reach the region in May.

Source: Possible North American date [Via Destructoid]
Source: Confirmed European date

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