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Silent Hill: Homecoming's Australian edits detailed


We reported last week that Silent Hill: Homecoming was finally classified by Australia's OFLC after having been refused classification when it was first submitted last year. It was reported that changes had to be made to the game in order to be classified MA15+, the highest classification offered to video games by the OFLC. Now, thanks to Edge, we know the nature of those changes. Atari, which will distribute the game Down Under, told Edge that the majority of the changes are being made to the game's cutscenes, in which "new camera angles and techniques will be used to reduce the impact of the unclassifiable material." At least some of the "unclassifiable" material, if you'd like to know, was related to the improper and grisly use of a power drill. Atari assures Edge that the changes only apply to "some scenes" and that "the original storyline remains unchanged."

Keep in mind that the wording of the article implies that some changes may have been made to actual gameplay, though the nature of any such changes is unclear. Meanwhile, Atari stated that the New Zealand version of the title has received an R rating and that it will not receive any edits.

[Via Joystiq]

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