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Spiky hair and afros: New playable FF XIII character revealed


The latest issue of V-Jump reveals a new playable Final Fantasy XIII character who deviates from the JRPG norm. Sazh Kalzroy (that's his name) likes the color green, uses two pistol-like weapons, loves Chocobos ... and he's black. One of the last memorable black characters in a JRPG we can recall is Barret from Final Fantasy VII, way back in 1997. We considered Fran from FF XII ... but she was more of a bunny. There's also Vivi from FF IX, although we're not sure if a black mage counts.

It'll be interesting to see how Kalzroy is portrayed in the game. We're also wondering if we'll see a lot more diversity from NPC characters inhabiting the world of FF XIII, or if Kalzroy will be the only black man on the planet. You can check out the full V-Jump scan here.

[Thanks, Copland]

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