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Guild Wars announces plans for 2009

Shawn Schuster

The team at Guild Wars has just released their newest developer update, which explains ArenaNet's plans with the game throughout 2009. This was something that was alluded to in community manager Regina Buenaobra's wiki journal last week, and speculated upon in the major Guild Wars forums. Now the word is out, and it seems promising for the majority of Guild Wars fans.

First off, the team plans to restructure their content updates and be more open about what they're working on. Their Live Team is expanding and their new goal is to release new content in "fewer yet more substantial updates". So what can we expect in the coming months? In April, a few new features will be implemented for players, including increases to account-based storage, improvements to character-based storage and account-based changes to the Hall of Monuments.

Be sure to read the entire dev update for complete information on the new direction of Guild Wars in 2009.

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