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Hawty McBloggy's Best of Halo Award winners

Dustin Burg

The duchess of the Halo community, Hawty McBloggy just announced the winners of the community focused 2008 Halo Awards. Among the list of winners are our pals from, Mr. Halo music man Bryan Simon and a few other machinimas. View the list-o-winners after the break.

Also, we must point out that we're surprised by the fact that Halo 3 map Guardian took home fans choice honors. That's just silly. Everyone knows Standoff is where it's at.

2008 Best of Halo Awards Winners

  • Biggest Halo News - Halo 3: ODST
  • Best Map - Guardian
  • Best Social Site -
  • Best Resource Website -
  • Best Fan-Made Contribution - Bryan Simon
  • Best Screenshot - Gargoyle
  • Best Montage - T3h Goose King's Goosetage
  • Best Video - No Scope Was Involved
  • Best Machinima / Video Series - Halo 3 Mythbusters
  • Best Individual Contributor - DigitalPh33r

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