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IBM concocts microscope with ultra-fine resolution, current MRI bows down

Darren Murph

The existing MRI has certainly been beneficial to humans everywhere, but IBM researchers are adamant on doing it one better. These gurus, working in tandem with the Center for Probing the Nanoscale at Stanford University, have demonstrated "magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with volume resolution 100 million times finer than conventional MRI." What it's all mean? In short, it could give scientists the ability to investigate complex 3D structures at the nanoscale level, and according to IBM, it may "ultimately be powerful enough to unravel the structure and interactions of proteins." We know, only the nerdiest of you are amazed -- nay, affected whatsoever -- by that statement, but even the layperson can appreciate advanced methods of studying viruses, bacteria and other biological elements. A certifiably riveting demonstration vid awaits you beyond the break.

[Via TG Daily, thanks Speedy]

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