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The Daily Grind: Do you play MMO-based tabletop games?

Sure, there aren't really any such things as 'tabletop MMOs' but there are quite a few tabletop games based on MMOs. There are trading card games for a few different MMOs - both online and off. World of Warcraft has an actual board game, complete with expansions. Dungeons & Dragons Online is based on the much beloved Dungeons & Dragons pen & paper system - and now we have Champions Online in the pen & paper to MMO market. It's not quite the same thing as EverQuest spawning its own pen & paper game, though. Warhammer made the jump from minis to MMO, and WoW has jumped from MMO to minis. With this much cross-pollination going on, we thought we'd ask this morning; do you play any of the tabletop variants? From board games to card games to pen & paper games, there's a lot to choose from out there. Any you thought were really well done? How about crossovers that you tried but just didn't make the cut for you?

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