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Ubisoft: Wii is, like, totally driven by girls

Jason Dobson

Nintendo's crusade to wrap casual and non-gamers alike into the gaming fold has drawn the attention of the Sooner State, with the Tulsa World reporting that the Wii's unstoppable sales have much to do with the gaming habits of the fairer sex. Specifically, Ubisoft's senior brand manager Ann Hamilton tells the newspaper that "what's driving the Wii sales is the use of Wii by women, girls and families."

It's a sentiment that's shared among other organizations, including Tulsa-based developer Tornado Studios (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault), which notes that since the debut of the Wii and DS the company has seen "a much higher influx of female gamers." Even so, while we applaud efforts to put controllers -- any controllers -- in the hands of the women, we just wish the industry wouldn't continue to vomit shovelware into the market under the guise of good intentions.

[Via Endsights]

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