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What's in store for PSP in the future? Sony's latest survey may hold some clues

Majed Athab

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An ESPN subscription for your handheld? How about Purple PSP units? These are just some of the ideas being thrown around in Sony's latest survey regarding PSP. While surveys are never an indication of what is truly in the works, they're usually more of an indication of what companies are open to pursuing if interest be high enough and to test if consumers are digging the competition.

With that in mind, it's not surprising to hear that one of the questions in the survey asked: How likely would you be to buy a new PSP if the version had... followed by such options as Bluetooth, touch screens and an internal hard drive. iPhone much? The survey also asked about interest in regards to bringing other PlayStation Network features over to the PSP such as Trophies, Home and Friend's Lists. The past hasn't been forgotten either, it seems Sony is still gauging interest for the GPS and TV Turner peripheral as well.

Now that we know a bit about some of the thoughts Sony might be playing around with, it's a bit saddening to think that some of this -- if not most, might never come true. Which features do you think Sony should focus on? While you mull that over, have a look at a bit more of the survey after the break. We think you'll find it most interesting.

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