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Wiimote + pens + coffee cup + office putting toy = deadly coil gun turret

Tim Stevens

Inside a mild-mannered toy golf cup, the kind that pop the ball back at you when you sink a putt (and make you go walk for it when you miss), lurks a lethal weapon -- a tiny rail gun just waiting to serve. Modder Jay took one of those induction coils to build himself a small but fierce turret, also using a little inspiration from the Serv O'Beer, an ioBridge module, two ballpoint pens, two wooden spoons, a coffee mug, and -- the pièce de résistance -- a Wiimote liberated from someone's console. By twisting the controller left or right the weapon rotates accordingly, honing in on threatening textbooks and launching a screwdriver bit with deadly force. Alas, you can't fire the turret by pressing a button on the controller, but that's said to be entirely for safety reasons -- we wouldn't want some poor kid trying to play a little My Horse & Me and accidentally shooting themselves in the back.

Jay commented to let us know that he's posted the source, meaning making your lethal weapon is that much easier -- and open!

[Via Make]

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