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AdventureQuest Worlds wedding attracts 11,000 guests

William Dobson

How many people would you choose to attend your wedding? Some go for a smaller and more intimate setting with just a handful of people. Over at the other extreme, some folks shell out for 1000+ of their closest friends to enjoy their special moment. Want to take it even further? You could be like the couple from Missouri that just tied the knot and had 11,000 people sitting in on the ceremony. Of course, the catch is that the wedding took place in AdventureQuest Worlds, and their guests attended virtually. Their private wedding room was cloned, which allowed for thousands of gamers to experience the celebrations along with then.

The event was a success overall, and undoubtedly a lot easier to organize than a wedding of that scale would be in the real world. Weddings are notorious for the meticulous planning that comes before them, and equally for the little (hopefully inconsequential) things that tend to go wrong on the day. If we had to make a list of things we'd like not to happen during a loved one's wedding, "Troll raid" would be somewhere near the top. As fate would have it, Trolls did show up to raid the AQW wedding, but thankfully the guests took it in their stride, and cake was enjoyed by all.

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