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Burnout Paradise Party Pack coming 2/5, Europe to get Ultimate Box


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We have a lot of fans of Burnout Paradise here at PS3 Fanboy. In fact, it won PS3 Fanboy's award for Best Racing Game and Best DLC. Those that have experienced everything Burnout Paradise has to offer can look to more fun in the upcoming multiplayer-focused Party Pack. This premium DLC will be available on the PlayStation Store on February 5th. Not only does it add new modes to your game, it will also give you access to a new batch of Trophies.

If you don't have Burnout Paradise yet, there's never been a better time to pick it up. In the US, the game has officially dropped in price to $20. Europeans will be able to purchase Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, which includes the game and every add-on released so far. Expect that in retail stores on February 6th.

Update: In addition to the premium DLC, Burnout Paradise fans can also expect a FREE patch which, according to the Criterion blog, "includes the introduction of our all-new in-game website and awesome in-game store. We've also worked on changes to game modes, visuals, the entire vehicle dynamics system. Oh, and we've added a restart !"


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