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iPhone pix making front pages

Mel Martin

The crash and near miraculous rescue of the passengers and crew of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 in New York City has been big news for the last day. Like many news events, it has been extensively covered by news agencies, and, as we are seeing more frequently now, by the public using camera phones.

With the popularity of the iPhone, a breaking news story is never far from our favorite cellular device.

Janis Krums, a Florida businessman, was on a Hudson River ferry boat when the pilot plunged the airliner into the frigid waters yesterday afternoon. His picture of the sinking aircraft, with passengers knee deep in water on the right wing helped tell the story in a single image, and his dramatic shot was splashed on front pages across the country. Krums used Twitpic to publish his photo, and that service was soon shut down by high traffic. He was interviewed on MSNBC and kept his friends up to date on his Twitter feed.

Flickr is also displaying lots of photos from the scene, many of them taken by iPhones. Not much happens today out of the sight of a camera or a camera phone. Janis Krums scooped just about everybody using only his quick wits and his favorite mobile phone.

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