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LG's GB110 and GB106 candybars keep it real, real simple

Darren Murph

Make no mistake -- LG isn't hoping to earn too many dollars (or too many of any other currency, actually) with the GB110 and GB106, but as Nokia has shown, there are solid deals to be made even at the low-end. The GB106 checks in with a 1.5-inch LCD, FM radio module, speaker, a calculator, stopwatch and a battery good for around four hours of yappin'. As for the GB110, you'll find most of the same specs in a slightly tweaked body, though the inclusion of a VGA camera and support for downloadable ring tones just might sway you over its scantily-featured sibling. There's no mention of pricing / availability at the present time, but we're guessing these are destined for emerging markets first and foremost.

[Via UnwiredView]

- LG GB106
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