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Metareview -- Moon (DS)


Developer Renegade Kid has shown it is quite technically proficient when it comes to making a first-person shooter on the DS. In 2007, it surprised us with Dementium: The Ward, and now the small development team brings Moon to the dual screens of the DS. The early reviews are all across the map in raw score, but they seem to chime in on the game's technical achievement and certain gameplay issues. Wait, read a review instead of just looking at the number? We know, this is madness we speak of.
  • IGN (85/100): "When it comes to making a purchase decision on Moon, I encourage anyone that loves FPS games on DS to check this one out, as its technical offering, story, design, style, and control are all amazingly well done. The game can certainly get repetitive at times, as a few bosses are used multiple times with compounding difficulty elements added to them to change things up a bit ... but for the most part Renegade Kid has offered an experience that's more tuned towards the adventure side of things, adding in plenty of combat to keep the experience fresh."
  • Nintendo Power (75/100): "Quickly becoming the torchbearers for the FPS genre on the DS, Renegade Kid builds on lessons learned from last year's horror title Dementium: The Ward... the game ratchets up the action... compelling story and diverse gameplay."
  • Modojo (60/100): "We have mixed feelings with Moon. It's a superb visual achievement with spectacular controls and fun shooting, but we grew tired of the old school "hit this switch to activate this door" gameplay. So long as you go into it expecting a slow-paced first person adventure instead of Doom, you'll enjoy this lunar vacation."
  • GamePro (40/100): "Moon proves itself as a creepy and innovative portable FPS experience, weighed down by a severe lack of challenge and variety."

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