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More awesome House of the Dead: Overkill art, European date


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Wow. The build-up to House of the Dead: Overkill's release next month has resulted in some excellent art (be it in the form of comics, limited edition boxart, or swag), and here's something else Overkill-related to crave: this superb, grindhousey movie poster. We dearly hope Sega isn't intending to use this solely for the marketing of Overkill and then forget it forever, because this is precisely the kind of thing that needs to be on our walls. You can see a bigger version of this in our gallery, along with three new screens.

Meanwhile, Sega has confirmed a very spooky European release date of Friday, February 13th. That's just in time to treat your loved one to a helping of black magic and violence! Don't forget your Hand Cannon.


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