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Nobilis reveals Music, the game


If your entire musical career consists of playing third triangle in an elementary school production of Joseph (check), this may be of interest to you. This April, French publisher Nobilis will release Music, a title that promises to teach you about real, actual music, as opposed to teaching you how to work your way up to the orange button.

Nobilis is teaming up with "famous Japanese music teacher" Shiro Tsuji to deliver 21 lessons covering the basics of music theory. These will take the form of minigames that test your sense of rhythm, your memory, and your musical ear, amongst other things. There'll also be virtual instruments, such as a piano and drums, to practice your new skills on.

All of which sounds like it could be an intriguing addition to the DS training genre. We just wish we had some media to gawk at -- at the time of writing, even the official website, as included in the press release, isn't up.

[Via press release]

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