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Official House of the Dead: Overkill Hand Cannon: shoot like G does


House of the Dead: Overkill players in the UK and Australia will have the option to play the game in a distinctly more badass, yet vaguely cosplayer-esque style, should they choose. Sega and peripheral company Venom will release a Wii gun shell modeled after the "Hand Cannons" the AMS agents in the game carry. is taking preorders for the item, to be shipped on February 13 (two weeks before the February 28 date they claim for the game) at a price of £12.99 ($19).

Australian zombie-haters have it even better: NeoGAFfer untoldhero (an accurate name if ever there was one) found a convincingly official-looking retail listing for a "Bang Bang Box" bundle containing the full Collector's Edition of the game, with the special sleeve and the comic book, as well as two Hand Cannons, for $89 AUD ($59 USD). That price has got to be a mistake. We've got a picture after the break of the heartbreakingly awesome package.

Sadly, we've seen nothing about the Hand Cannon in the US. We fear that Sega's deal with Venom doesn't extend out of PAL territories.


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