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Samsung separates LCD and television units in restructuring

Darren Murph

Samsung, like most other companies in the free world, has suffered of late. To that end, it has just announced a reshuffling of divisions that will actually separate its LCD manufacturing business and its television business into two distinct areas. Reportedly, Samsung's semiconductor and liquid crystal display (LCD) units will be bundled into a "parts" division, which will be headed up by current CEO Lee Yoon-woo. The TV unit will be joined by the mobile phone and "other electronic products" in the "products" division, which will be led by the current head of the telecommunications business, Choi Gee-sung. It's not clear the financial impact that these adjustments are expected to make, but we are told that they're being made "in response to the global downturn and [in an effort to] reinvigorate the company."

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