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Take-Two COO Gary Dale quits


Friday 16 January

150-something lbs. Feeling like I could be on the cover of a magazine.

Food consumed today:
2 Apples. May have snuck something else in, but I'm too busy to recall.

Early in the day. New York: my office. Ugh. Gary Dale, my chief operating officer at Take-Two. You know, my "Gar Bear." Well, he told me he's leaving the company. His day-to-day duties are just done. I think I'm pretty bummed about this, but I'm feeling too good after my workout this morning to get hung up on it.

Anyway, Gary became my COO last year after holding the same position over with those cash cows at Rockstar. We haven't talked publicly about why he's leaving ... sorry, Diary, I can't even tell you. Gar Bear will be officially done with the company on April 15. He's got this thing where it takes him a really long time to say goodbye.

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