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WRUP: JRW is MIA edition

Ross Miller

James, ca. E3 2007
I'm back! However, now that I've returned, James Ransom-Wiley has mysteriously disappeared. If you see this man, please leave him be, he's on a week's vacation and plans not to do anything but sit in his apartment and eat Mochi cakes (or so we imagine).
  • Alexander Sliwinski: Accidentally got into Colonization last weekend. It's good enough, so I might try a little more this weekend. Really need to push ahead in Fallout 3 and send that back to GameFly. Also, playing more Left 4 Dead, getting comfortable with Advanced difficulty.
  • Christopher Grant: I've got a date with Knothole Island. If, somehow, I manage to unearth every secret and dig up every buried treasure (not to mention gather all those delicious achievements!) I'll look into finishing up Mirror's Edge and Prince of Persia. Also, Left 4 Dead. Duh.
  • Griffin McElroy: Since my 360 is about to red ring, it doesn't look like I'll get to finish Prince of Persia -- luckily, I've got a beat on a copy of Secret of Mana from a classmate. I'll also be seeing if my Rock Band drum skills translate to actual drum skills when I purchase drums, and cause my neighbors on both sides to flee in terror.
  • James Ransom-Wiley: ...
  • Jason Dobson: I'm going tank slaying in Valkyria Chronicles this weekend, putting another notch in my bedpost. I mean my controller. Yes, controller.
  • Justin McElroy: I'm gonna do my best to uncover the secrets of Knothole Island, but Skate 2's staring at me hard, I'm ready to embarrass myself there too.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: "Dude, you need to play LocoRoco." And so I shall. And stop calling me "dude."
  • Randy Nelson: Me? I'll be spending at least part of the weekend investimagating every nook and cranny of Knothole Island for rich stuff. I'll also probably start a new game of Mirror's Edge -- this time on my PC -- to see if I manage to die less using a mouse and keyboard.
  • Ross Miller: My plan is sleep, sleep and more sleep, still trying to catch up from last week's grueling Vegas escapade. If there's any other time, I'll probably take a trip to Knothole Island.

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