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Wii Warm Up: Dracula's Choice


We got release dates for various Sega games (and a Japanese release date for Muramasa), WiiWare announcements, news of available Rock Band DLC, and more this week, and yet, for us, the best news all week was about something old: the release of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. And now that all three NES Castlevanias (not counting stuff like Konami Wai Wai World or Boku Dracula-kun) are out and you guys bought them all (you bought them all, right?), we can ask you to pick a favorite. Yeah, we're asking you the same thing in the contest post, but that's of all time, and we'd like to exclude the Metroidvanias from consideration.

Is it the straightforward, brutally punishing action of Castlevania? The light platforming and completely obtuse puzzle-solving of Simon's Quest? The varying locations and playable characters of Dracula's Curse? Or do you just like whipping Medusa heads in general?

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