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WRUP: Vampire of choice edition


Another week is gone and another weekend has arrived -- which means the WoW Insider crew are hard at work with what we like to call "work-related research." (And which our loved ones call "goofing off and playing video games.") What's the team doing this weekend? Avoiding vampires, obviously.

Robin Torres
: Our whole family has come down with the plague and I'm not sure how much time we'll have to play in between zombie explosions. I've also been bitten by the RP bug and am trying to find an RP/RPPvP realm to suit my needs (and without a vampire overpopulation).

Alex chimed in with a response: Robin, give up now. Such a server does not exist. The only difference is what kind of vampires you'll come across. Anne Rice? Twilight? Dracula? Hellsing? Nosferatu? That's what you need to consider. A vampireless RP server does not exist.
Though the WoW Insider team can't agree on their vampire of choice, we do all enjoy a good time in World of Warcraft. So what's the rest of the team up to this weekend?

Adam Holisky: Since my sources inside Blizzard tell me that they hate every class other than Shamans, I'm going to be playing mine on full rested XP while listening to the song "I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me" by Beck. Ideally I'll get her up to around level 65.
Alex Ziebart: I'm not even really logging on except for raids. Pretty bored, overall. Hoping patch 3.1 has plenty of content beyond just the Ulduar raid, because I'm somehow already tired of Wrath. Not sure if I'm just burned out, or the content doesn't have much longevity this time around.
Allison Robert: I'll be working on Sons of Hodir rep and stockpiling flask materials for future raids. And at some point I have to sit down and ask myself a few hard questions over what to toss (or not) from the bank.
Amanda Dean: I just got my second 80, heroics and getting ready for the endgame
Chase Christian: Rerolled a new 2v2 team, not going to Naxx because our MT is sick. :(
Dan O'Halloran: Finished powerleveling Cooking, so now I'll continue with the Dalaran Daily cooking quests while tackling the last 7 quests to finish the Dragonblight Quest Achievement and start digging into Sholazar Basin quest lines. May run in a few PuGs as Moonkin for experience and for the fun of topping the damage charts.
Daniel Howell: Recording BRK Podcast Episode 13 with a Marksman huntress guest. Intro song is going to be "I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me" by Beck.
Daniel Whitcomb: Primarily, I want to get a group together and bust through the Icecrown Group quests so I can get Northrend Loremaster on my DK. I'm also hoping to finish off a couple more Outland zone quests achievements, probably Nagrand and Blade's Edge. Yep. Still lovin' achievements.
Eliah Hecht: Probably more of trying to level my DK, but getting called away to tank heroics on my druid. Constantly. I haven't managed to get single level since last week, but I have gotten about 60 EoHs for the bear.
Elizabeth Harper: In the true sign of an addict, I've opened a second account so I can level various alts together. The weekend is probably a lost cause.
Matthew Rossi: I'm not playing at all this weekend: family issues have made game time very rare indeed. Hopefully by Monday I'll be back in the swing.
Michael Gray: Levelling my Paladin to be ubertank once more.
Michael Sacco: Likely doing guild runs of Naxxramas 10/25 on my awesome DK in between playing Dead Space with the lights off.
Zach Yonzon: If my Internet holds -- and it's been real uncooperative -- it should be more Battleground Achievements. The veteran ones are somewhat mind-numbingly long. Also trying out a new 5v5 comp. Also spending some time on the PTR to fully test out Warlock specs... spent over 200 Gold in respecs in an hour just practicing on target dummies.
So what are you playing this weekend?

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