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Guitar Hero: Metallica pre-orders come with bonus drum pedal

There's a thick cloud of fear hanging over fans of faux-drumming in games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour -- fear inspired by the near-impossible rhythms which will need to be kept when Guitar Hero: Metallica hits store shelves. We're not sure how familiar you guys are with the speed with which Mr. Ulrich is capable of producing percussion, but we assure you, his work will be most unpleasant to attempt to mimic.

Thankfully, an uncharacteristically useful pre-order bonus from GameStop will give the game's quick-to-act reservers an extra bass drum pedal and input splitter. This will allow the player to use both pedals to tackle the game's more heel-punishing tracks. It's certainly a better option than splitting your foot down the middle, and training yourself to control both halves independently, which, now that we think about it, would be pretty rock-and-roll.

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