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Blade seeks Nunchuk: Wesley Snipes wants Wii, work


Wesley Snipes, star of such films as Blade and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, wants a Wii. In fact, the actor -- a self-confessed non-gamer -- told MTV, "I want to de-virginize myself into the Wii," when interviewed during the Sundance film festival. (No, we didn't realize he was out of prison either.)

Clearly excited by the idea of finding a Wii (tip: try eBay, we hear they have a lot of listings), Snipes jokingly (we hope) remarked that he'd be up for making a movie about being the "Wii champion of the universe," saying that he "needed the work." We're pretty sure Fred Savage does, too. Hey, maybe the two could pull together for an unlikely team-up, and even more unexpected (nay, unwarranted) sequel to The Wizard.

Wesley, if you're reading this and you found a Wii, might we suggest a couple of games for you, based on your films? For Blade and Passenger 57, we'd recommend No More Heroes, since it prominently features a blade and was made buy the numerically monikered Suda51. Demolition Man has us thinking Boom Blox. Play those and you'll be well on your way to total de-virginization.

Catch the master thespian's landmark interview in full after the break.

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