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Breakfast topic: Poaching

Amanda Dean

I'm working on growing our little guild. I've met with some success. I don't spam trade chat to advertise our guild bank, vent, website or or smokin' hot tabard (all of which we have). I like to get to know people a bit before I bring them into the fold. The best way that I know how to do that is to run instances with them.

Since we're small, I PUG a lot, so I'm introduced to many players. I'm looking for folks that are both good at what they do and would be a good fit for what we've established. I've found that many times people pug because even though they're in a guild they can't seem to get the assistance that they need. I find that some are actively looking for a change and others just generally enjoy the experience grouping with my comrades.

I'm not one to break up a happy home. My fuzzy, ursine ears perk up when I see someone that's not already guilded. It's a potential recruit! I watch them play throughout the instance and also watch their social interaction with the group. If all goes well I ask them about their goals and try to ferret out a wee bit of their personality. Talking over vent helps too.

It's a little different when someone is already guilded. When I run PUGs with people repeatedly, I often ask them about their guilds. Many state that either their guild is small or that they're just "social." If it seems they're dissatisfied, and a good fit, I extend them a no-pressure invitation to come check us out.

I want to grow my guild with the right folks, but I don't want to be a poacher. Given the choice between all-guild runs all the time, and occasionally pugging, I will continue to group with strangers. How do you handle recruiting in pugs?

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