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Chinatown Wars 'complete,' Rockstar makes with the deets


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is well on course to make its March 17th release in North America, with Rockstar revealing to Edge that the game is complete. Edge saw this as a neat opportunity to write another preview of the game, spilling more delicious details into our gaping, GTA-loving maws.

Most of the new information focuses on the PDA belonging to protagonist Huang Lee, essentially a direct substitute for the cellphone used by Niko in Grand Theft Auto IV. From here, you'll be able to view sat-nav minimaps of Liberty City, look at the main map, select weapons, and receive emails. You'll also be able to order weapons from Ammu-nation, which now delivers weapons straight to your safehouse.

Speaking of which, your safehouse in Chinatown Wars is more fleshed-out than ever before, giving you somewhere to show off trophies (awarded, we assume, for completing missions). It also features a whiteboard with pictures of all your contacts -- tapping these lets you access missions. Excellently, these can be replayed, and your best performances uploaded to the game's online leaderboards.

Finally, one of the few concerns we had about the game, the ease of combat, has been thoughtfully addressed. Muzzle flare and tracer lines are both used to make things a little clearer in the heat of battle, and the exact trajectory of grenades is depicted with a green arc on the top screen. All of which sounds great -- we just hope you're old enough to play it!


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