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FFXIII demo, special edition 160GB PS3 coming April 16 to Japan

Ross Miller

The Final Fantasy XIII demo is hitting Japan on April 16 packaged with the Blu-ray Final Fantasy flick, Advent Children Complete. According to Famitsu, Sony will commemorate the release with a new 160GB PlayStation 3 bundle for ¥49,980 (US$550) that includes the movie, demo and specially marked console seen above.

Already got a PS3? ACC is also coming sans hardware for ¥5,900 (US$65) with the demo and ¥4,900 (US$54) without ... but let's be honest, is there really a market for people who want the movie but don't want to play and / or eBay the FFXIII trial? Square Enix recently said that there are no plans to release the demo overseas, so if you've been pining for a taste of the long-awaited RPG, we suggest you brush up on your Japanese.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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