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Forbes profiles Activision CEO, calls Rock Band "shameless knockoff"

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick is this month's Forbes magazine cover boy, where the business mag recounts his journey from sandwich delivery boy to billionaire CEO. Surprisingly (read: Not really), Kotick describes himself as not being interesting in games personally but has been more than happy to build Activision Blizzard into one of the industry's leading companies. One quote sending the games industry into a laughing dizzy is the line, written by Forbes itself (hold back the tears): "EA also teamed with MTV to sell Rock Band, a shameless knockoff of Guitar Hero that added drums, bass and a microphone to the world of make-believe rock stars."

We suppose the irony should be that Guitar Hero was first developed by Harmonix, the company responsible for Rock Band. Maybe we should be laughing that it was Harmonix that took the music genre into the group setting, which led Kotick's Activision to follow suit and create Guitar Hero: World Tour. But honestly, we just think the irony is that Forbes is a shameless knockoff of Fortune.

[Via Videogaming247]

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