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A few LG VX9600 screens come to light

Chris Ziegler

We haven't heard a peep out of LG or Verizon about this crazy VX9600 with detachable modules that they're cooking up, but we have managed to score a few tidbits about the thing on our own. First up, we've come across a few Flash Lite-based screens that (we guess, anyway) show off parts of the phone's user interface -- nothing spectacular, but if it's any consolation, we promise the actual phone won't look this jaggy and Spanish won't be the only language option. Secondly, we've learned that a keyboard module will be included with the phone, while a game pad module -- pictured in our mockup a while back -- will be an optional add-on. We're not sure how many modules will be made available at this point, but it sure seems like it could get expensive if you pick up the base phone plus all the options, doesn't it?

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