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Multi-Photo solves an iPhone problem

Mel Martin

For all the good things about the iPhone, there are still some troubling features that were left out (No, this isn't a post about MMS or copy and paste).

One of the things I often find myself wanting to do is send an email containing multiple photos. As it is, the iPhone/ iPod touch doesn't allow this, but now a 3rd party has solved the problem.

Enter Multi-Photo [App Store link] that gives you this functionality for US$.99. After a brief setup where you tell the app who your email provider is, a short test ensues and if everything is OK you're ready to go.

You select your photos from your camera roll, add an email address or multiple addresses, and the pictures squirt out to your friends or family. In the app settings you can preset a subject line, as well as text for the body of your email, or just insert your own as you would in the regular email app. You can also select some quality options for the images you are sending, as well as determine the size of the image.

The app is pretty intuitive, and the publisher happily provides a built in video tutorial and a user manual. Unhappily, the first time I tried the video, it crashed about half way through, but it worked fine the next time. I didn't think the way addresses are selected was as easy to figure out as I would have liked. You can type a recipient in manually, or grab it from your address book, but I had to give the interface a second glance to get that procedure right.

The look of the app is not quite to my taste. I think the wood grain background is a bit garish, but Multi-Photo does what it advertises and does it well. It solves a long standing issue with the iPhone and I can only wish Apple had included this in the iPhone feature set from the start.

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