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Rohan: Blood Feud gets new dungeon and more in latest patch

William Dobson

It's been a couple of months since we last checked in on Rohan: Blood Feud, and it was doing pretty well back then. The latest big news from YNK Interactive's free-to-play MMO is a decent-sized patch that was released last week, which featured a brand new dungeon called the Fire Temple Garden, among other things. The Fire Temple Garden is intended to be a pretty dangerous area for level 80s, and has four separate sections within: Kasa's Tower, The Blazing Temple, The Ring of Flames, and the Lamp of Flames. Starting to pick the common theme here? The selection of screenshots that came with the dungeon's announcement confirm that there will be some firey foes to contend with.

16 new quests were added to the game in the patch, and all of these are found in the new dungeon. A system to fuse Option Stones was also introduced, allowing players to fuse multiple stones of the same grade to form a better one. The other main update is a new sidekick called Molly that can be purchased from the Item Mall. Molly can be used to heal your character every two minutes, and she can be leveled up a bit to increase her healing powers. If you haven't tried Rohan yet, you can do so by downloading the client and making an account at the official site.

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