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Sega: Mature-themed games the way forward


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Sega, the company that put Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in two million British homes, has seen the future on Wii -- and it's not minigame-shaped.

Rather than follow the herd, Sega intends to aim squarely at a part of the market it feels is being neglected: mature-themed Wii games. Sega's Alan Pritchard and John Clark both hope that the company can capitalize on what they perceive as a lack of "hardcore titles" on Wii, and to be fair to Sega, they're putting their money where their mouth is, by publishing House of the Dead: Overkill, The Conduit, and MadWorld.

On the subject of MadWorld, the publisher has promised that Platinum Games' bloody, stylized action game is a Wii exclusive. A small fuss was kicked up after the game was listed by the OFLC as "Multi Platform," but Sega has already reassured several sites that MadWorld isn't making eyes at other consoles.


Source: Sega on mature-themed games.
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