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Cammie Dunaway welcomes new Wii owners


In an open letter posted on Kotaku as part of their series of "Welcome to the Family" letters, Cammie Dunaway gave one of the lengthiest statements we've seen from the recently-hired executive vice president of sales and marketing. The letter is directed at all the new Wii owners who have joined the fold since the holidays, and lays out the attractive features of the Wii in a manner appropriate for a new gamer. Although fundamentally, we're not sure how many expanded audience members are reading gaming blogs.

It's quite interesting to see what Nintendo is pitching to new gamers these days -- downloadable games are given a big push (World of Goo is now enough of a genuine hit to be the face of WiiWare, apparently!), as is Mario Kart Wii. Dunaway classifies the massively popular Mario Kart Wii as a "bridge game" that "really leads in two directions: not just from simple-to-more-involving, but also acting like a link between new gamers and veteran ones."

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