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Sony's Kaz Hirai delusional, sees Sony as industry leader, Nintendo no competition


Sony's Kaz Hirai must be off his meds, because he's talking like the PS3 is the one out there selling like hotcakes. Okay, we'll concede that Russia may be more receptive to your products, but on a global scale, the sales figures aren't even comparable. So, what gives?

"This is not meant in terms of numbers, or who's got the biggest install base, or who's selling most in any particular week or month, but I'd like to think that we continue official leadership in this industry," he said. Uh, okay, well how would you measure leadership other than success? In terms of Nintendo and their competition with Sony, Kaz had more bizarre things to say. "It's difficult to talk about Nintendo, because we don't look at their console as being a competitor," he said. "They're a different world, and we operate in our world - that's the kind of way I look at things."

Kaz is, uh, quite delusional, if we may say so. Relax, Kaz. At least you have your PS2 sales to lean on. No need to create fantasy worlds for your mind to live in.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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