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T-Mobile customers having some luck getting myFaves for free

Chris Ziegler

myFaves is cool -- you might even argue that it's T-Mobile USA's trademark. Thing is, it ain't free. The way the myFaves logo is displayed prominently on virtually every device T-Mobile sells these days, you'd think it's just part and parcel with every plan the carrier offers, but it's actually $10 more for an equivalent individual plan with myFaves tacked on. That's an even bigger problem for existing subscribers, some of whom are on age-old grandfathered plans that aren't offered anymore and are growing a little tired of using the "no, you can't be in my fave 5 simply because I don't have a fave 5" excuse. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, though: some folks are having luck getting T-Mob to add myFaves into the mix at no cost through a combination of groveling, account status, and possibly re-upping a contract. Pulling favors with your carrier always seems to be one-third art, one-third science, and one-third black magic, so if you're good with all three of those, give it a shot -- just don't blame us if the CS rep misinterprets you and adds two lines, an E8, and a bunch of refurb Sidekick iDs to your account.

[Via TmoNews, thanks Stephen C.]

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