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    Toshiba's REGZA 52XV545U reviewed: she's a beauty

    Darren Murph

    Given that Toshiba's 46XV545U was harshed on pretty seriously by CNET a month ago, we weren't expecting much when going into Electronic House's review of the 52-inch Cinema Series REGZA 52XV545U. Contrary to popular belief, this set was said to be fairly awesome, with it producing "realistic color with precise picture detail and resolution free from visible artifacts." Critics even went so far as to say that its picture quality was "well above par," with both OTA HD broadcasts and DISH Network signals looking as sharp as ever. Potentially most unexpected was the praise given to the Super Resolution upscaling technology, which managed to produce "some of the best viewable images from regular cable fare" that reviewers had seen. Bottom line? You should probably give this one a look in person -- it's too tough to tell what your eyes will see.

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