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VC Tuesday: Japan celebrates Super Smash Bros. Day


The day is finally here! Well, not here here. But there are people in the world playing vintage Super Smash Bros. on their Wiis right now, and we declare that to be boss. They're paying 1,200 Wii Points for the privilege, but Japanese Wii owners have probably forgotten how much Nintendo 64 games are supposed to cost on the Virtual Console anyway.

Poor Champion Wrestler is doomed. This just isn't the week for another 4-player competitive fighting game starring at least one vintage game character (Rastan Saga's title character, in the Ultimate Warrior-esque guise of "Miracle Rastan").

There's no competition between the VC and WiiWare this week. Here's Japan's WiiWare lineup:
  • Nothing (Just Play Smash Bros., Seriously)

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